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A Reprimanding Remnant?

A Failed Compliance Agenda
The Seventh-day Adventist denomination finds itself in what seems to be an ever-accumulating crisis.What began as different views on the ordination of womeneventually became a crisis of unity, church governance and authority. I believe one of the reasons we have come to this very unfortunate predicamentis that we have fought to win partisan victories rather than building bridges of peace and love. Inevitably, polarization has increased. The present leadership has been trying to create unity through a compliance strategy. The problem with this approach is that it goes against the very fabric of what Adventism is all about. The Biblical theme of a faithful remnant, which is at the core of Adventism’s theological self-understanding can only walk unequally yoked with a system where the majority feel entitled to oversee, reprimand and discipline a conscientious minority.
Consensus and Accommodation
Instead we should seek to work along lines that promote the search f…

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